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Product Application
  • Chemicals & Fertilizer
  • Cement & Polymers
  • Sugar, Paper, Textiles, Flour Food Grains
  • Bird Feed / Dog Feed / Cat Feed / Horse Feed / Bird Seeds
  • Packaging of onions, potatoes garlic, groundnuts, fruits & vegetables etc.

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Machinery Used

Bale Press

We have 4 bale press machines. They are hydraulic bale press machine having two cylinders and capacity is 100 mts each. They make the bales compact enough for maximum loading in container or trucks. This ensures maximum loading and reduction transportation cost.

Tape Plant ( Extruders)

Tape line : We are having the most advance tape line available for lohia , which is equipped with following high end features :-
  • Melt Pump
  • Static Mixers
  • Capacitance Gauging of Film
  • Automatic dosing Mixing
  • Low Shrinkage Conditioners

Make : Nos. Salient Features
Lorex 1200 HS
350 Kg / Hr.
03 Imported EDI die U.S.A.
Lorex 2000 HS
600 Kg / Hr.
01 Imported 2.2 Mtr. Autogauge die Cloeren’ Make

Chilling Plant

Chilling Plant We are having 48 Ltr. capacity Chilling Plant (State of the Art Ammonia based Chilling Plant). This plant is capable of feeding chilled water to 2-Tape Lines, 1-Lamination Plant and 1-PP Multifilament.

Rotogravure Lamination Machine

Rotogravure Lamination Machine
We are having 8 Colour State of Art Roto Gravure Printing Machine with automatic registration system of Japan (ARC).
Make & Model Die Size Capacity Nos.
J.P. Industries Tandem 1600 MM 170 Kg. / Hr. 01
Sunderlam Tandem 900 MM 150 Kg. / Hr. 02


Liner Plant

Make Kabra Extrusion Two layer Plant
Capacity 75 Kg. / Hr.

We have in house liner making facility to make liners for sugar and chemical bags.

PP Multifilament Yarn Plant ( Lofil )

PP Multifilament Yarn Plant
Make Lohia Starlinger Ltd.
Capacity 12 Mt. / Month
Load 45 KW

Twisting Machine

Twisting Machine
Make Kristeel Shinwa Industries Ltd.
Capacity 48 Spindles, 15 Mt. / Month
Load 11.5 KW

In house production of twisted, high GPD yarn for stitching of bags.

Conversion Line

Online Printing Machines : -
4 Colours roll to roll printing M/C, with auto center guiding & online gusseting system. J.P. Industries 02 Nos.
4 Colours roll to roll printing M/C, with off center gusseting system. Polygraph 01 Nos.

Stiching Machines

Automatic Cutting & Stitching Machine Botheven – Taiwan Make 02 Nos.
Automatic Cutting & Stitching Machine Golden Jason – Taiwan Make 02 Nos.
Electrically Operated Armstrong – Indian Make 100 Nos.

Our Products Range

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